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Hardwell you legend!!! #1 DJ in the world

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Perf Perf Perfffff

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mldamic asked: Hey, I wanted to reconnect and say hello once again, How's everything going? Wanted to let you know that Bombs And Bottles (BnB) released a few new songs over the past months. They're called "No One Else", "Be Mine Again", "Put It On", "Candy", "Shadow". If you enjoy, can you share it around for people to hear? It would mean a lot to us! Do you mind if I stay in touch and keep you updated on new songs and what's going on? You were helpful in the past so I figured I'd reach out to you again..


Oh yes i have followed him on spotify and bought his music off of itunes so yes I have most definitly heard the songs :) Please do keep me updated thankyou so much

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